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International Roadcheck – May 17-19 Focus on wheel-ends

International Roadcheck – May 17-19 Focus on wheel-ends

This year, the CSVA International Roadcheck will take place from May 17 until May 19. During these 72 hours CMVs and drivers will be inspected by inspectors in Mexico, Canada and the U.S according to North American Standard Inspections of CMVs at temporary inspection sites.

As happens every year, there will be a specific focus for CSVA`s roadside inspection, this year the wheel-end infractions will be the center of attention. This type of infraction has occupied a place in the top 10 violations during past Roadchecks. Around twenty five percent of the vehicles that were put out of service in the past were involved with wheel end components infractions.

Wheel-end components are very important to keep the control and stability of commercial motor vehicles and for braking since these parts are responsible for supporting the heavy load carried by the vehicles.

During 2022 Roadcheck, CMVS inspectors will take a closer look at motorcoaches and trucks and also the credentials and documentation of the drivers according to the procedures of CVSA`s North American Standard Inspection Program.

If the inspectors detect critical infractions according North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria vehicles and drivers will be prohibited to travel until the infraction is addressed. And the vehicles that don`t present any item infractions and successfully pass the inspection will receive a CVSA decal, valid for three months.

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Date: 4/2022