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How Should A Truck Driver React To A Heart Attack?

How Should A Truck Driver React To A Heart Attack?

A heart attack occurs when the tissues of the heart or part of the organ are obstructed by an interruption of blood flow in the arteries, causing cardiac arrest. Although the truck driver can have a heart attack suddenly, there are some signs that all truckers must know to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack in order to act quickly in this situation so that they can prevent the heart attack from being fatal and reduce its consequences.

Main symptoms:

- Palpitations
- An intense, oppressive, and sharp pain in the chest
- Difficulty breathing
- Cold sweat
- Dizziness
- Disorientation with/without blurred vision
- Numbness or tingling in the arm (mainly the left arm)

If these symptoms occur together, it is very alarming and requires immediate action by the truck driver to seek help.

How should truck drivers act if they have symptoms of a heart attack?

- If they are driving, they should find a safe place to stop the truck, get out of the vehicle and sit down.
- If they are walking, for example, through a truck stop, they must stop and sit down.
- If they are sitting or resting in their room or at home, they should stay calm and keep sitting.
- Truckers must remain calm and ask the people around them to seek medical help. If they are alone, they should try to contact the medical service through their mobile phone.
- Truckers must loosen the clothes they are wearing and take off their belt or any garment that is too tight.
- If truck drivers have a medical prescription for when they have acute pain related to heart disease, they must ask for help to take it.
- Under no circumstances should they continue driving, neither to go to the hospital nor to drive home. They must ask for help.

What should be done if another trucker has a heart attack?

When it is evident that another person is presenting symptoms of a heart attack, it is very important to act calmly to help them, either by taking him/her to the hospital or by calling 911.

In this situation, the trucker should not:

- Leave that person alone.
- Avoid looking at the trucker who seems to have chest pain.
- Or seeing the trucker asking for help and doing nothing.

The trucker must:

- Stay calm and help the other person to stay calm
- Ask what the symptoms are
- Call and ask for medical help
- Help to loosen clothing that is very tight
- Find out if that person uses prescription heart medication
- Help that person taking the medication
- Truck drivers should only perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation if they have the training and knowledge to do so.

Trucker friends, do not neglect your health! Get frequent check-ups, change your lifestyle to have a healthy heart, and ask your doctor for more information in this regard.

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