For a trucker, talking about sex is taboo

The idea that truck drivers do not discuss their sexual needs with their partners is more common than it seems. They may have discussions on many different topics, but when it comes to talking about sexual issues many end up avoiding the topic.

But why is there so much taboo to talk about something so normal?

This question gave rise to a Canadian study led by psychologist Uzma Rehman, in addition to other studies on the difficulty of couples to discuss everything related to their intimate relationships.
In summary, fear is the main culprit that the truckers end up avoiding talking about their sexual fantasies, desires or dissatisfactions with their partners and vice versa, their partners are also afraid to speak.

We live in a society where all sex-related behaviors are already set, leaving a script can generate a lot of fear. But afraid of what?

- Fear of affecting the couple`s relationship
Truckers and their partners fear talking or discussing their sexual needs, because they believe that can destroy their relationship forever. Even if that means they are not 100% sexually satisfied.

- Fear of hurting their partner
Both truck drivers and their partners fear harming each other`s feelings. Because they think that if they express their disagreement or their new sexual fantasies, they may end up saddening the other. And for that reason, they end up prioritizing the couple to be happy and satisfied instead of being completely honest with each other.

- Fear of exposing their self too much
Truckers and their partners are afraid to expose their most intimate desires and end up being judged or rejected by their partners. Getting out of their comfort zone and feel vulnerable.

If the partner does not approve those desires or so intimate thoughts that were so well guarded it could cause them to lose that person, this is enough for many to end up suppressing these thoughts and decide to never talk about it. According to the study, this is the main fear that stops people from talking to their partners about sex-related issues.

It is true, the fear of rejection, feeling ridiculous can really stop a conversation as healthy as it can be a discussion about the sexual fantasies and anyone needs. But truckers who decide to step forward, be brave and expose what they feel would be very surprised. Perhaps by speaking and they could be opening this door for changes in their sexual relations and that may be the solution to ignite the spark of many marriages again.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 10/2019