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Drivers with cabin cameras are safer

Drivers with cabin cameras are safer

Apparently, drivers are not showing resistance to the use of cabin cameras by truck fleets. These cameras are used to record crucial incidents and events with the objective of reducing dangerous driver behaviors such fatigue and distraction. According to the NHTSA’s statistics in 2018, driver distraction was responsible for 400,000 injuries and also 2,841 fatalities in the United States roads.

Soon the requirement to equip commercial vehicles with inward-facing cameras to enhance the safety on the road will become a reality on the safety regulations all over the world. Europe union has already implemented this on their general safety regulations and will require that the vehicles comply with these regulations from 2022.

Vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are already working to integrate the technologies related to camera vision with the Dealer Management System (DMS) and also with Advanced driver assist systems (ADAS). If both systems work together on the detection of any distraction of the driver some function, such cruise, can be activated to prevent any dangerous situation and enhance safety.

Eyesight Technologies, a computer vision company, that provides its product, the Fleet Sense, to telematic providers and fleets company is also working through DMS projects with vehicle original equipment manufacturers. Thanks to software algorithms developed by the company, the eyes of the vehicle’s driver can be tracked. An incredible technology that can detect distraction or drowsiness through drivers’ eyelids, direction of gaze, pupil dilation, as well as head movements, smoking and phone use.

Fleet sense notify the driver about possible risky events related to driver’s distraction or drowsiness via visual and audible real time alerts. Fleet managers are also informed according to the driver’s rate and score in relation of the risk of causing an incident. The use of this high tech could mitigate the risk of accidents and increase the driver experience.

For more information about Eyesight Technologies please visit:

Using cameras can save your life and the lives of others.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 5/2021