Do vegetarian truckers have a better sex life?

It is very likely that they do, not for the fact that this minority of truck drivers do not eat meat or derivatives of it, but because of the food being rich in vegetables, leaves and fruits. Many of you may be thinking that these foods are aphrodisiac and increase the libido of truck drivers, therefore, have a better sex life.

But this is not the reason, it is the type of diet that provides better circulation, more energy, more relaxation, among other benefits for the truck driver, which translate directly into a better disposition to have sex and better sexual performance.

On the other hand, the consumption of these foods prevents truckers from having any type of sexual dysfunction. So, the truck driver who adopts this lifestyle and vegetarian diet will probably end up avoiding frustrating situations like a sexual act interrupted because of sexual impotence.

If on top of the vegetarian diet the truck driver adds the consumption of fish, which contains healthy fats, his sexual desire and libido, will be potentiated. Contrary to what red meats do, which are often difficult to digest, they leave the truck driver with a feeling of heaviness and, consequently, without a disposition to have sexual relations.

From the wellbeing point of view and satisfaction with your own body, a vegetarian diet helps the trucker maintain its ideal and healthy weight, keeping good shape, reducing the levels of cholesterol that may have and avoiding developing related diseases with the heart as well as diabetes.

These factors make the truck driver feel good with him and his body, something key to seduce and be seduced, and this is because his energy is greater and the chemical connections of his brain are more stimulated, favouring pleasure and satisfaction.

Basically, healthy habits that are behind the vegetarian diet are responsible for vegetarian truckers benefiting from a better sex life. In addition to having more disposition and physical energy, they have a greater state of relaxation, ingredients that contribute a lot when it comes to having a really pleasurable and full sexual life.

Edic.: 138
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 1/2019