Defensive driving: A great driving strategy

As you know, the work of truck drivers is categorized as one of the most dangerous and stressful jobs that exist; It also requires a lot of concentration from the trucker’s side. We spend many hours behind the wheel and must be very alert to be able to evade any dangerous situation that may arise.

Defensive driving is about being aware of everything that happens around us and using the mirrors appropriately. It’s also about being able to detect dangerous drivers, be alert and react immediately and easily evade any signal that may represent danger.

Defensive driving is also driving with caution, that is, maintaining a safe speed and distance for traffic and weather conditions. Maintaining an appropriate speed and distance are key! Since driving at a safe speed will allow us to maneuver in an adequate manner to any danger.

The distance we maintain with reference to the vehicle in front of us is also very helpful, because if traffic stops unexpectedly, we will have enough time to be able to think, react and maneuver safely avoiding dangerous situations.

Another important factor for us is to be able to defensive drive is to comply with our rest hours. A driver who has not slept enough is a driver who is not at his full capacity for concentration and represents an obvious danger. Let’s recall that the highest rate of accident causes in commercial vehicles has been due to tired drivers.

Ardwin Freight invites you to reflect on this and to be aware of the dangers to which you are exposed when driving. We ask you to drive safe for the respect of others, yourself and your family waiting at home. It is time for each of us to collaborate with security to make driving safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Keep in mind that: "No load is more important, nor does it have more value than our own life".

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Edic.: 145
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 8/2019