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CSVA`s Brake Safety Week Is Approaching

CSVA`s Brake Safety Week Is Approaching

The Annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance`s Brake Safety Week will take place from August 21 until 27. During this period, the North American Standard Level I and V Inspections will be applied by the inspectors to collect data related to brakes and report this information to the CVSA. The results will be released in the fall season.

During roadside inspections, the most common vehicle violations are related to brake infractions. In the last three years, the data gathered by the trucks` brake-safety inspections detected that around 38.9% of the violations that put commercial motor vehicles out of service were related to brake adjustment and brake system violations.

In addition to the focus area of Brake Safety Week this year, that is getting and providing data in relation to brake hose/tubing chafing infractions, the CSVA intends to face the brake infraction problem by:

- Identifying and removing from the roads all the trucks that present crucial infraction items pinpointed in the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria.
- Performing inspections, identifying and recognizing all the trucks that do not present crucial vehicle infractions by putting a CVSA decal on those vehicles.
- Promoting proactive maintenance of vehicles, educating motor carriers and drivers about the importance of performing vehicle maintenance during pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
- Giving proper recognition to inspectors, motor carriers, and drivers for their commitment and hard work.
- Providing knowledge about brake safety through inspectors` educational efforts.

For more information, please visit the CVSA`s official website:

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