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Chlamydia can be the nightmare of many truckers

Chlamydia can be the nightmare of many truckers

Although it is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the most developed countries, it is not even mentioned by some people. When protecting themselves against STDs by using condoms, many truck drivers think of other diseases with more serious effects and do not even think of chlamydia.

What is it?

It is a bacterial infection, less visible than other STDs, that is transmitted during sexual intercourse, that is, with any type of sexual contact, be it vaginal, anal or oral. Although mother-to-child transmission could also occur during childbirth.

It mainly affects women, but it also occurs in men. The infection appears in the genital, perinatal, anal or oral areas. It could also appear in the eye area (paratrachoma or trachoma) or in the respiratory system (pneumonia).

What are the main symptoms?

In many cases there are no symptoms, in these situations the risk of contagion is great, since the infected person is not aware of their condition and could infect their sexual partners.
In cases where there are symptoms, these vary from person to person and from the area where the infection occurred. If the infection occurs by:

• Via genital:
Men could develop:
- An urgent and frequent need to urinate;
- Burning when urinating,
- Secretions in the penis;
- Burning or itching in the urethra;
- Swollen or painful testicles
Women could develop:
- Burning when urinating;
- Thick, yellowish vaginal discharge;
- Bleeding during or after sexual encounters;
- Urethral secretions,
- Bleeding outside the menstrual period;
- Pain in the abdomen or pelvis

• Via Anal: Both men and women could develop:
- Burning or pain in the anal area;
- Anal secretions;
- Pain when defecating

• Via Oral: Both men and women could develop:
- Burning in the tongue and mouth;
- Sore throat;
- Ulcers in the mouth

In some rare cases, both sexes may develop symptoms very similar to those of reactive arthritis. It is very important to treat chlamydia since its complications can cause complications such as infertility in men and endometriosis in women, among others.

How should it be treated?

It is important that the truckers visit their doctors to receive a diagnosis in case they notice the symptoms mentioned above. The response to treatment followed to the letter with antibiotics, prescribed by the family doctor, is positive. And during treatment, the truck driver must use barrier condoms in their sexual relations to avoid infecting their partner.

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2022