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CDL skill set could change

CDL skill set could change

That change will occur if FMSCA`s proposed rule is adopted. According to the agency this regulation would simplify the process for both, women and men at the moment to obtain their commercial driver`s license and become a working part of the trucking industry.

The objective of the rule is to give more flexibility to the states to perform skill tests for people looking to get their CDL. The agency affirmed that the proposal would help to decrease testing delays and minimize expenses and inconveniences for the applicants with safety uncompromised.

The proposal would remove the restriction that doesn`t allow a CDL skills instructor to conduct two different tests, the qualifying test and the instruction test, to the same individual. The agency affirms that their focus is on the reduction of barriers related to regulation that exist for the men and women that apply for a CDL.

For more information visit the FMCSA`s copy of the proposal at:

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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 9/2019