Edic.: 142
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 5/2019

Truckers, say goodbye to the swollen legs

Driving all day and loading/unloading a truck are among the physical tasks of a truck driver’s job and can take a serious toll on the body. For the legs, truckers may notice that they have become very swollen by the end of the day.

This discomfort often results in heaviness in the legs, difficulty moving, numbness and tingling, in the area around the ankles and knees. This discomfort is only relieved after rest which is something truck drivers never have to spare.

Many of the causes of having swollen legs can be directly related to the work routine of the trucker:

• Long periods of sitting or standing
• Obesity or overweight
• Excessive consumption of sodium (salt)
• Use of medications for hypertension or diabetes
• Renal or cardiac insufficiency
• Use of inappropriate shoes
• Sedentary
• Autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis

Recommendations to alleviate in a natural way this unpleasant sensation of heaviness and swelling:

1- Consume diuretic foods: because they regulate fluids and increase the production of urine, fighting the retention of fluid in the legs.
2- Keeping the legs elevated for a few minutes: To reactivate the circulation of blood in the upper part of the leg. In addition to reducing tension and relaxing the muscles
3- Physical activity: Exercising regularly is an excellent way to fight against inflammatory problems in the legs. Keeping the legs moving will favor circulation. Take a walk in the truck stop’s parking can be a good alternative for truck drivers with no time to practice sports.
4- Using the right shoe: The truck driver will spend hours behind the wheel, so he must wear the most appropriate shoes, choosing comfortable and appropriate size of shoes.
5- Massages: Will stimulate circulatory and lymphatic functions, helping to reduce possible swelling in the legs.
6- Cold showers: When stopping in a truck stop or when returning home, truckers should choose to take cold showers, or at least end the shower with a cold jet of water. This will favor blood flow, relax muscles and reduce pain.
7- Drink a lot of water: To prevent the lower part of the body from passing through inflammatory imbalances. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily will help to eliminate liquids that are retained in the tissues.
Truck drivers, if you continue to feel swollen legs visit your family doctor to get more information.