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Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 9/2019

Truckers face the heat that hits the road

Temperatures during the summer are very high and being exposed to them can bring consequences to the body of any truck driver, since they can end up dehydrated, aggravate their medical condition in the case of suffering from a chronic disease and even suffering a heat stroke.

A truck driver suffers from a heat stroke when their body is not able to control their temperature, the signs that truckers should be aware of are the following:

- Loss of consciousness
- Skin changes: drier, red and hot skin
- Confusion
- More aggressiveness
- Seizures
- Headaches
- Extreme thirsty
- Drowsiness

Truckers are heavily exposed to driving under high temperatures and going through a lot of heat, and for this reason, they are more vulnerable to heat stroke. And if that happens, they are putting themselves and other drivers in an extremely dangerous situation.

Other conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular or respiratory problems, obesity and medication use can potentiate the chances of suffering from heat stroke on the highway. If we add to that trucks that do not have adequate cooling and great physical effort due to the intensity of loading and unloading a truck, we have the ingredients for a truck driver to suffer from a heat stroke.

How can truckers protect themselves from heat?

We already know that the life of a truck driver does not allow many times to choose the most convenient hours to drive, with less heat or traffic. But there are some precautions that can help any truck driver when they are operating:

- Wear light cotton clothes.
- Opt for light colored clothing.
- Wear a hat when leaving the truck and when in the sun.
- Keep the vehicle refrigerated or at least ventilated.
- Truckers should cool off with a shower whenever they have a chance.
- Keep clothes a little wet to cool their body while driving.
- ALWAYS have water in the truck and be hydrated at all times.
- Avoid alcoholic beverages and do not abuse from those containing caffeine.
- Eat lighter food and several times a day, instead of very forceful, hot and spicy foods.

Trucker, if you feel bad, do not hesitate to ask for help from your road colleagues and be attentive in case you need to provide help to another truck driver that is suffering from a heat stroke. You should call 911 to receive emergency attention and in the meantime, you can:

- Placing them in a cool place
- Hydrating them
- Wetting them with some cold water
- Putting cold towels on their body
- Fanning them