Edic.: 136
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 11/2018

Truck drivers should examine their private areas to detect problems

To maintain the health of the genitals, it is recommended that truckers regularly examine their penises to search any sign of problems and go to their doctors quickly if they experience any of the following symptoms:

1- Presence of reddish spots and velvety texture

If you have not had sexual intercourse recently, and the spots being painless or insensitive to touch, then it could be cancer of the penis. An early diagnosis is key.

2- Tight skin

If you experience the feeling that the skin above the head of the genital tract is tight and also has white spots, it could be a lichen sclerosus. It does not have to cause pain and can be caused by an imbalance of the immune system or by a hormone.

3- Increase in the curvature of the limb

It could be Peyronie, in this rare disease fibrous scar tissue accumulates in the tissue of the limb. It must be treated to avoid pain during sexual intercourse and to acquire a more pronounced curvature but increases the risk of breaking during sex.

4- Blood in the urine

Truckers should observe when urinating if the water is stained with blood, because if this were the case it could indicate problems such as an enlarged prostate, kidney stones or bladder cancer.

5- Small packages

The signs of testicular cancer are hard masses or painless bumps in the testicles. Early diagnosis is crucial for your cure. For this reason, truck drivers must carry out a self-examination in depth on a monthly basis.

6- Itching

It could be a symptom of both fungal infections (candidiasis) or simply the inflamed foreskin, the result of poor hygiene or sexually transmitted diseases. Truck drivers, to rule out hygiene problems take advantage to clean yourselves at a truck stop.

7- Secretion of the genitals (urethritis)

Gonorrhea is the most common cause of this condition, which develops when there is an inflammation in the tube that connects the end of the limb with the bladder. Some truck drivers may not feel any pain and others feel a burning and constant need to urinate.

8- Impotence

Failing to maintain an erection can be the cause of many problems such as lack of testosterone, diabetes, stress, poor circulation and excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs.

9-Genital warts

Truck drivers who detect small lumps in their limbs may be dealing with genital warts, sexually transmitted and caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Visit a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.