Edic.: 126
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 1/2018

Tesla Presents its New Electric Truck

The presentation took place at an event in California, where the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, made a great appearance in a silver semi truck. Apparently, the company`s plans to gain space and start a revolution in the semi-truck business are evolving perfectly, based on all the features included in the Tesla semi trucks.

Musk highlighted that Tesla trucks will be able to achieve a 500 mile range with only one battery charge, something that he considers that will allow fleets to travel a great distance and return to the starting point. The truck also could add 400 miles extra of range on the Direct Current charging stations, part of a planned network, in a high speed process in comparison to the usual time (15-20 minutes) that currently takes to fuel a Class 8 diesel truck.

Elon assured that the semi truck would be capable to go from 0 to 60 mph in just five seconds, without carrying a trailer, due to instantaneous torque and optimized traction. And in case of carrying a loaded trailer this time increases to 20 seconds.

Musk also promoted the simplicity of the semi truck operation and its design, pointing that is not necessary to constantly replace its gears and transmission, which is necessary for diesel trucks these days. Tesla semi truck has one gear, something that Musk considers that makes it possible for anyone to drive this truck, different from other semis. Musk also affirmed that the Tesla Semi will be 20% more economic than operating a diesel truck.

Highlights about Tesla Semi Truck:

  • 2 touch screens displays placed on both sides of trucker`s seat, giving access to blind spots sensors, electronic logging device, the navigation system of the truck and other controls.
  • Cameras installed all around the vehicle to assist with a full range of autonomous driver aides, such as automatic lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning or automatic emergency braking.
  • Standard Self-diagnostic and Telematics capability. A Tesla app will provide updates regarding the truck health and required maintenance.
  • The vehicle is able to automatically get in contact with emergency services in case the driver doesn`t respond in an emergency braking incident.

Musk concluded his presentation inviting the guests to observe the semi closely and informing them that the company is taking orders for the Tesla Semi truck now, with production starting in 2019.

For more information about the Tesla Semi truck visit the website: https://www.tesla.com/semi