Edic.: 142
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 5/2019

June 4 Road Check Is your truck prepared for it?

The annual inspection blitz, that lasts 72 hours, will take place from June 4 until June 6. The main focus of the inspection will be suspension and steering systems as they are considered by CVSA, as key for all CMVs. In addition to holding the heavyweight of loads transported by buses and trucks, they are also responsible for preserving the control and stability of the vehicle while braking and accelerating. They also help maintain the correct alignment of tires and decrease the possibility of tire failure or uneven tire wear.

The level I inspections, that will be primarily performed by the law enforcement inspectors, will include checks of suspension, steering, lights, tires, cargo securement, brakes and more. Driver documentation such as logs, medical examiner’s certificates, CDLs and more will also be inspected. The vehicle and driver that doesn’t infringe any violation will receive a CVSA decal, informing that both were inspected.

According to the CVSA, around 17 buses and trucks go through inspection every minute during the Roadcheck blitz. 2018’s inspection sidelined more than 2,600 drivers and approximately 12,000 buses and trucks. The main out-of-service vehicles infractions were related to wheels and tires, brakes and brake adjustment. And drivers’ violations were false logs, incorrect class license and HOS.