Edic.: 138
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 1/2019

Good news for diabetic truck drivers

Thanks to a new FMCSA rule, which came into effect last November, diabetic drivers can reduce the waiting times regarding their qualification to operate. This rule gives the medical examiners’ the decision maker of letting a diabetic truck driver, who uses insulin, to drive or not. Eliminating the 2 or 3 month process of applying for FMSCA’s exception.

The medical examiners will contact the treating doctors of diabetic truckers to get information about their treatment, making sure the drivers take care of their health, have their disease controlled and are not a danger for the road and other drivers. Once all the necessary information has been collected the doctor can make a decision about driver’s qualification to operate.

The diabetic truck driver that cannot pass the medical exam can still apply for a request. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’ notices on their official website, the FMCSA continues to announce the applications for an exemption from prohibition in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) against persons with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus (ITDM) from operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in interstate commerce. And announces the exemptions granted, that enable these individuals with ITDM to operate CMVs in interstate commerce.

The diabetic truck driver who wants to submit a request or a comment should send a mail to the FMSCA to the following address:

Docket Management Facility:
U.S. Department of Transportation,
1200 New Jersey Ave SE, West Building
Ground floor, Room W12-140
Washington, DC 20590-0001

Or by fax to (202)493-2251.

To avoid duplication, please use only one of the two methods to submit your request. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, I’ll be happy to help you at 909.396.3656 Carlos Alarcon