Edic.: 129
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 4/2018


Many of you have seen this product at the truck stop for sale and also have seen other drivers buying it and placing it in their tanks, and you wonder what is this used for? or what is its purpose?.

In this article you will learn exactly what its use if for and how it helps. AdBlue is one of the key elements of the process of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) used by most engine manufacturers of heavy and medium duty to comply with EPA regulations coming into force in 2010. BlueDEF is a non-toxic solution with 67.5% of purified water and 32.5% of dedicated automotive grade ultra-pure urea BlueDEF is not a fuel additive, but begins its role by passing the exhaust stream over a catalyst.

BlueDEF helps to convert the NOx to nitrogen gas and water steam, two air safe and natural components. BlueDEF is stable, colorless and odorless and complies with the ISO 22241 standard for purity and composition, and is a member of the American Petroleum Institute (API) AdBlue is a certified product. These are the highest quality and safety standards to ensure optimum performance with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).


Make sure you do not run out BlueDEF, you should see the diesel fluid (DEF) gauge escape, part of diesel fuel gauge for when it’s time to refill. DEF is stored in a tank next to the deposit of tank on the driver’s side.

BlueDEF containers vary in sizes: 6-23 gallons depending on the application of the truck. The filling opening of the DEF container is designed to facilitate the filling nozzle, to ensure that only DEF is put in the tank.

This product is already part of one to be used, as well as before you used to buy “Lucas” for better fuel economy, now start using this new one.

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