Edic.: 137
Autor: Juan Peña
Date: 12/2018

Careful with the snow!

Driving in bad weather, especially on snow or ice, is very risky due to many factors. It requires more time and space to brake along with decreased traction of your vehicle. This unpredictable and extremely dangerous weather can limit your visibility and in turn cause accidents with other drivers on the road. For these reasons, we want to share some safety tips:

– Reduce your speed. Many drivers do not change their driving habits in snowy conditions. They continue to drive at the speed limit of traffic signals. In adverse weather conditions, you MUST reduce your speed. Many accidents occur when drivers are going very fast. This is a violation and you could be fined. Even more so, you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle and be involved in an accident.
– Make the curves with caution, at a speed that allows you to have control.
– Regarding braking, do not use the Jake Brake in snow conditions. Avoid using the brakes a lot unless you really have to, otherwise you could lose control of the trailer, especially if it is empty.
– Keep a prudent distance from other vehicles. Avoid being too close to them from the 4 sides of your truck. Do not drive in groups or follow the rear lights of the other vehicles for this indicates you are very close to the other vehicle.
– Use your common sense and instinct. If you consider that weather conditions are very hostile, look for a safe place (do not stop at the edge of the road) and wait until the conditions are better, so you can continue your trip. Do not try to be the hero of a movie. There is nothing more important than your life.

We hope you follow these tips and that we spend all the winter season with nothing to regret.

On this occasion, we want to thank you for following us throughout this year and we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with lots of health, blessings, happiness and great success.