Edic.: 129
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 4/2018

Advice on ELD Roadside Inspection

Drivers can have easier and smooth roadside inspection of Electronic Logs (ELD) by ensuring that they understand the devices installed in their trucks and keep proper documentation in the cab.

The Electronic Log Book mandate went into effect 12/18/2017 that requires all the long haul trucks to install  ELD in their trucks to automatically record the hours driven, However, this mandate also includes a clause that allows you to use onboard recording device (AOBRD).

If you have an AOBRD, you can continue using in lieu of ELD until 12/16/2019. Until that date, Inspectors will need to know whether a driver is using an ELD or an AOBRD, and drivers should be able to tell them which ones are using because in many cases the ELD and AOBRD use the same hardware; the only difference is the software.

The drivers must know what type of device is running and know how to navigate the software, if the driver doesn’t know how to use it; things can get very fussy at the time of inspection.

It is imperative that drivers keep the correct driver instructions cards for their devices in the cab. While inspectors have been documenting ELD noncompliance and in some cases issuing citations, more aggressive inspections will begin in April 1, when a driver gets place out of service for operating without an ELD.

Enforcement also will begin assigning points to the carrier under the Federal Compliance, Safety, and accountability program. As it currently stands, the out-of-service penalty for having no ELD will be 10 hours.

Carlos A Alarcon SR