Edic.: 139
Autor: El Trailero Magazine
Date: 2/2019

8 reasons to make love frequently

When the trucker stops having sex regularly his whole body notices it. The health benefits obtained from this act of intimacy are underestimated. Making love contributes to having a good mood and helps strengthens a couple`s relationship. Not having regular sex can negatively affect the trucker in the following ways:

1- More stress The release of the hormone related to stress, cortisol, is reduced when you have sex regularly. On the other hand, if the truckers have sex before going to sleep after a long day on the road, their bodies will be more relaxed and sleep will come easy thanks to hormones released after sex.

2- Erectile dysfunction The risk of suffering from this condition is twice as high for the truckers who do not have sex at least once during the week, since the penis must be exercised like any other muscle to keep fit.

3- More chances of getting sick The level of protection against germs, bacteria and viruses rises for truck drivers when they have sex. This is because having sex increases the amounts of antibodies and strengthens the immune system.

4- More probability of suffering from prostate cancer This risk is reduced by 20% if a truck driver has an active sex life. Because of sexual intercourse, men can eliminate (by ejaculating) substances harmful to the prostate.

5- Low self-esteem The rubbing of skin with skin, caressing, and the admiring glances generated in a sexual relationship can help make a person feel wanted and good with themselves. This can all disappear if there is no sex in the relationship. This can affect the mood of the truck driver and even cause depression and sadness in serious cases.

6- Destroy a couple`s relationship The lack of sex can have a serious toll on the relationship because the union and complicity built in a relationship are affected by the lack of intimate encounters, which serve to keep the couple connected, satisfied and happy.

7- Urinary incontinence The pelvic floor is weakened by not having sex or orgasms and increases the chances of suffering from urinary incontinence.

8- Permanently bad mood Not having sex for a long period of time affects the mood of any truck driver. It is an organic issue, given that the body has not refilled the level of their hormones of happiness and endorphins, with sex.