Will my stomach be ready for Holiday celebrations

Will my stomach be ready for Holiday celebrations

The time for several and long family celebrations is approaching, with abundant food and high-fat dishes, where people end up eating and drinking excessively.

Some truck drivers have vacations during these days,replica watches but then they must return to their transportation routines. To do that without your body feeling resentful to the excess food, here are some recommendations to prepare your body for the holiday celebrations.

Adopt a regular rhythm of life

Regulate your sleep, meals, recreation and exercise hours according to your trucker routine. If you give the correct instructions to your body, it will be regulated like a clock, something that will favor you when facing the excess food during the holidays.

Because if your body is healthy, with a lot of energy, well fed with the right vitamins, then these excesses will not have the same effects that they will have on a regular person.

Healthy eating = Good digestion

You do not have to do a strict diet to eat all you want during the holidays but avoid gaining weight. That kind of behavior is not healthy at all. What you should do is know what to eat.

Therefore, when you are on the road, choose healthier meals in the restaurants and bring healthy snacks, fruits and plenty of water with you in the truck. It is recommended to eat a lot of fruit, especially between meals, and drink a lot of water, because the liquid will help you to eliminate correctly the accumulated body residues.

Your body needs iron, so if you choose to eat fish to satisfy this need, it is a good option. It is recommended to eat dishes that contain steamed, boiled, or baked vegetables. Add legumes, such as lentils or beans, to your diet.

Practice sports

Doing physical exercise is basic to help you purify your body; because this type of activity will improve the circulation of blood in your body and will help you eliminate toxins from it through your own sweat and transpiration.

It’s advisable to practice some type of physical exercise during about 30 minutes daily. If you have time before going to the road in the morning take the opportunity to practice a physical activity. Or at night, after you parked your truck in a truck stop or at home, because it will help you to relax and to sleep fully.

So truckers, taking care of your body before this holiday season and avoiding excess amount of foods during the celebrations will allow you to go back to work without making your body suffer and start the year on the right foot. Happy Holidays and we wish the best for your family.


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