Over the years truckers “have been known for having a lover in every village”.  Probably this is true in some cases, however we have heard a countless stories of truckers who are fond of sex workers.

For many truckers this problem seems to be gaining more popularity in visits to places disguised as massage, bars or nightclubs. They have become so common that every time  we look around, we can see massage ads at different points even on the road, of course we must clarify that many of these places are really professional masseuses, but there are many that take advantage of the name.  For example, there are bars where the man takes a drink while choosing  the girl he wants to have sex, in the middle of the music and bustle of the place. Part of the work of the girls is to induce customers to drink while the girls usually drinks anything that does not contain alcohol. We do not know how true is this. Once he has chosen the girl he wants, they go up to a room. The sex worker must first collect the money and clarify that they have only 40 minutes. There are  “massage places” and likewise chooses the alleged masseuse which actually never took any course.

As we have heard, condom use in this practice is not always included. It is hard to imagine that many customers prefer receiving oral sex without a condom. However, sometimes it is the girl who choose not to use it. Hence the spread of sexually transmitted infections and even the HIV virus can occur.
Normally there is almost never caresses and kisses.  A few sex workers like to kiss their customers, since they find it too intimate. So after oral sex they immediately pass to intercourse. And if the customer takes more time after the 40 minutes, they have to pay more. According to many men who have contact with sex workers regularly, the girls tell them when their 40 minutes are about to end. Logically, practice of sex does not contribute much to a good sexual health.
It is true that for many men who seek the services of a sex worker is part of a fantasy, lust to get in their arms a perfect and young body, is why in most of these places whether they are massages, bars or nightclubs, there is a strict selection of girls who have a sexy body and are great actresses. They always try to make sure that their customers feel that they are desired and that they will return to visit them. And many fall into this trap and become repeat customers.


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