In this article, you will find out the reason why.

If your engine suddenly turns off and puts you in a bad mood because you cannot waste time, knowing every second counts in the trucker´s life.

There are many reasons why an engine does not turn on or off. Who has not experienced a truck not starting? Our first thought is that we have no diesel or the battery is dead. It is always good to make sure the tank has diesel. If it is empty, indicating it is sucking air, the engine will never turn on. Another option is the injection pump breaks down or loses its pressure, making the diesel filter dirty or clogged.

The hardest thing that could happen would be if your engine is turned off by power failure; so, check the batteries. The most common thing is that one of the cables connecting the batteries is loose, dirty, or broken. If it is all correct, follow the cables and at two feet of distance you will find the fuses; check that they are clean and not faded, moldy, or old.

Every truck has a time censor, which reads the position of the crankshaft and the camshaft, allowing the engine to start. If the censor is old or has never been changed it could stop working at any time; either stopping to buy coffee or go to the bathroom.

To learn more, move the key and check that all the dash lights are lit; we want the “Engine Stop” light to be red and the “check engine” light to be yellow. If these lights are not lit then review your batteries, which should be the center of the problem. If these lights are lit and still the engine does not turn on, it may be an indicator the engine has problems.

It could be a censor or the computer. If the problem gets worse, use “starting fluid” to ether start; one can is sufficient to turn on the truck. If this does not light up, consult your mechanic. I recommend you always carry five cans of “starting fluid” with you. Why do I recommend this exact amount? One is to give it to a colleague on the road, another is for your own use. And the last three are for when you stop to weigh the truck or clean oil leaks in the engine. I’m happy to help in “Tips Mechanics.”


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