Why do Truckers lose their Sexual Desire?

Why do Truckers lose their Sexual Desire?

Are you returning from a long trip and want to have sexual relations with your wife, but your body is not in sync with your sexual appetite? Do you have low libido and think that this only happens to you? Well, you're wrong. Many truckers feel the same way because the problems can be related to emotions such as stress, which is a big part of a truckers’ routine and can affect both physical and mental health.

However, there are also organic causes and, seeing as most men are too embarrassed to explain their sexual problems to a doctor, we have compiled a list for you:

1. Daily Routine

Performing the same tasks everyday can affect you, such as driving for long hours. You probably get home feeling tired, which makes it normal for you not to have a high sex drive. You must rest when you get home, instead of trying to have sex with your wife. Once you are fully recovered, then look for your wife.  

2. Financial Problems

The constant concern of maintaining the family can decrease any truck driver's sexual desire. Try not thinking about your debt for a moment; think about something different when you are with your partner, like how beautiful she is. Break the sexual routine you are used to; leave the financial commitments aside.  

3. Sleep Disorders

If a trucker does not properly rest, snores, and has insomnia, his testosterone levels may be reduced, which could decrease sexual desire. Go to a doctor because testosterone deficiency can affect other aspects of your health besides sexual function, such as loss of strength, fatigue, osteoporosis, and more.

4. Couple Discussions

Constant fighting and insults can affect your sex life. Try to solve the problems with your partner. Routine discussions can result in divorce; do not allow this to happen. Communication and trust are the basis to a good understanding.

5. Anemia

This condition affects the production of red blood cells and the circulation of oxygen in the blood, which plays an important role in arousal, erection, and the cardiac output stages during sex. You will probably need iron supplements; visit a doctor to analyze your case.

6. Intercourse frequency

If you spend long periods of time on the road without having sex, this can affect your sexual appetite. Why not try having virtual dates with your partner to maintain that sexual flare? Take advantage of technology and get virtually connected to your partner.

7. Diseases

Different diseases can play a role in loss of sex drive, such as diabetes; obesity; and heart problems. Consult your doctor.


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