What is THE Unified Registration System?

What is THE Unified Registration System?

The congressionally mandate Unified Registration System (URS) will begin a phased launch beginning December 12, 2015 allowing for the complexity of retiring old systems and unifying the regulatory structure for the Industry.

How does this affect you?

URS Phase One only impacts new applicants required to use the online registration application beginning December 12, 2015. New applicant registration will be done using the URS online registration application until 2016.

All existing entities with USDOT, MC, FF Number, or a combination of them will continue using existing agency forms and processes to conduct updates, make filings, and other registration related transactions until 2016. The requirements for private hazmat and exempt for-hire carriers to have a proof of financial responsibility in place will begin December 2016.

What is URS?

URS is a new electronic online registration system streamlining and simplifying the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration process, serving as a clearinghouse and depository of information for entities regulated by the Agency, including motor carrier; brokers; freight forwarders; intermodal equipment providers; hazard materials safety permit; URS will combine multiple registration processes, information technology systems, and forms into a single, electronic online registration process.

Who is required to comply with the URS rule?

This rule applies to all interstate motor carriers, private for-hires, everyone operating under the USDOT safety watch, and those with an FMCSA license.

Effective Dates:

Beginning December 12, 2015 new applicants are required to use the new online application when requesting a registration and USDOT number.

On September 30, 2016 all members must process new applications and updates to existing records using the online system. FMCSA will not accept paper forms or faxes.

On December 31 2016, everyone must use the online system.


The new rule will streamline manual processes and combine several forms, one unified registration process. There will be an estimated savings of $9 million from time and fees over a ten year period.

It will improve the ability for FMCSA to locate small and medium-sized private and exempt for-hire motor carriers for enforcement action; investigators will be able to work with designated process agents to locate and/or serve documents on hard to find motor carriers.

In my own opinion this is going to simplify a lot of paper works.

If you need to know more about the URS rule or have a problem with a different issue, just give a call. I will help you to the best of my ability: 909.390.3656 Carlos A. Alarcon by: ccaalarcon@yahoo.com


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