Being a truck driver means spending time away from home, from your family, and especially from your partner. Sometimes the trips are shorter, but other times it extends and you end up spending several days on the road. In conclusion, several days without having sex. But what are consequences of the abstinence for your body?

  1. Your self-esteem decreases

A break in your sex life can affect your self-esteem; you may end up feeling less desired by your partner or even sad without an apparent reason, losing confidence in yourself.

  1. Your sexual desire is reduced

If you get used to spending so many days without sex, it is possible that instead of having the libido through the roof, the effect will result in the total opposite, meaning you having less sexual desire. This happens because having sex on a regular basis makes  your body to associate the sexual relationship with something good and if you do not have sex in a long time you end up losing that mental association.

  1. You are more stressed and anxious

Sex on a regular basis helps control the levels of stress, anxiety, and even moodiness, and the body secretes hormones with the sexual relation that generate well-being. If you have sex with your partner one to two times per week it is very possible that you have more control of your anxiety or stress. Therefore, you will benefit the health of your heart and blood pressure, which can be affected by those factors.

  1.  Sexual impotence

Sexual abstinence can increase your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. According to a study made by the American Journal of Medicine, men who practice sex, at least once a week, reduce in half the possibilities of having sexual impotence.

  1. Greater chances of getting sick


The fluids exchange, such as saliva or mucosa, in a sexual intercourse generates antigens and strengthen your immune system because your immunoglobulin level increases with sex. If you do not have sex frequently, your defenses will decrease and you will be more vulnerable to getting sick and catching the flu or cold. A study from the University of Wilkes-Barres in Pennsylvania says that having sex once per week keep the immune system stronger by 30% compared to those who don’t.

  1. Increases possibility of prostate cancer

Being sexually active decreases the chances of developing this disease by 20% according to the American Urological Association. Ejaculation eliminates toxic substances that contribute to the development of this type of tumor.

So take advantage of every an each opportunity you have to enjoy intimacy with your partner.


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