After a long drive you are off the road and away from the congested traffic of the road in a truck parking.  Do you think that you can relax?  The answer is a resounding: NO!  Actually it’s time to be more alert.  A large percentage of tractor-trailer accidents occur at Truck stops, patios and parkings.  These accidents may be because the drivers down their guard or are fatigued after a long day on the road.  The volume of heavy traffic and limited visibility adds to the complexity for safe operations in these places.

Some of these accidents occur in these places and becomes common that the drivers do not leave room for the “turn tail” of their trailers.  When you go to the parking lots, generally they are full of people coming and going, and it seem to have an extra sense of security and you don’t even  watch for the traffic.  Please, remember that it is still your responsibility to ensure others.  Keep very alert for pedestrians and other drivers that may appear in front or behind you.  It is important that you as a professional driver be aware that these areas can be the perfect place for accidents.  Protect yourself and your vehicle by following these tips:

When entering to the truck parking:   Avoid any type of distraction, use the correct entrance, drive at a safe speed, turn the lights of the truck on and also, turn on the hazard lights, constantly look around you.

Parking:  Park in well-lit areas, do not park at the end of the row, park in straight places and lock you vehicle.

Backing: Eliminate distractions and avoid unnecessary backing, if possible, use a guide, avoid backing off your blind spot, stay alert and observe everything around you.

Before leaving the parking:  Check your vehicle and do all what you have to do before putting your vehicle in motion:  talking on the phone, review your paperwork, adjusting the radio, etc.

Everything mentioned in this article are recommendations to avoid accidents that could cost much money, besides it could you keep out of work for a while until the insurance repair the damages.  Have a nice day and a safe trip.


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