You really want to have sex with your wife, but she isn’t feeling well. Well you don’t have to give up for we will teach you how to conquer her and make her change her mind through a great massage.

Create a cozy atmosphere

Discreetly, put on some quiet music, light some candles, creating a warm atmosphere. Tell her you want to take care of her, make her feel better and start helping her remove the top of her clothes. Be sure to put a towel on the bed to prevent it from getting dirty with oil, and invite her to lie down.

Choose a lotion

A well-given massage involves the use of lotion, oil or body cream, because the direct contact between your dry hand and her skin can be uncomfortable, generating a lot of friction. You do not have to spend a lot of money, use one of your favorite body creams or if you want to surprise her with a new lotion, keep in mind her favorite scents. Rub the lotion in your hands, to warm it, before putting it in contact with the skin of your partner.

Mentally plan your movements

You should do a preheating, just like a night of passionate sex, and change the intensity and pressure of your movements.

Some movements you can do:

- Heart-shaped: Place one hand on each side of her lower back at a distance of 1cm from the spine. You should lean lightly on the palms of your hands and apply a little pressure. Begin to slide and raise your hands from the lower part of her back to her shoulder blades and cervical area of her spine. Slide your hand in a heart-shaped movement back down to her lower back.

- Circular: You can draw circles all over her back and shoulders with both hands and in opposite directions. You can change the size of the circles and pressure. They are excellent movements for both, preheating and finishing a massage.

- With the thumbs: Start with her lumbar, put your thumbs on both side of her spine. Lightly rub your thumbs in her muscles and alternate your hands, start with one, then make the movement with the other hand, stop few seconds at each point and massage it well, and you go up with your hands until arrive at her cervical spine. Be very careful, you should avoid directly touching her spine.

To finish, put your hands in the middle of her back for about 10 seconds. A massage of approximately 15 minutes is the ideal time to relax her and at the same time sexually stimulate her.


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