Trump Administration has called for the Elimination of the Cleaner-engine

Trump Administration has called for the Elimination of the Cleaner-engine

Trump’s government plans to cut the  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s funding will jeopardize a grant program that, according to transportation companies, assisted them to replace their vehicles.


In 2005, Congress enacted the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act for the first time and it was recently identified by the office of Budget Management as soon to be eliminated. For more than ten years this program has granted truckers over $700 million, helping about 73,000 truckers get newer vehicles and saved over $450 Million on diesel.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) affirms that the program has helped reduce the two most fatal elements of smog, named nitrous oxides and particulates. In accordance to studies performed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the counties of San Bernardino and Riverside presented the highest concentration of particulates.


As so many of you remember, there was a time where you could trade in your old diesel cab-over tractor for a new one that would comply with the smog rules. Truckers got a voucher for 30% of the value of the tractor, a good incentive to allow you guys to get a new truck. Every company who have benefited of the program during the last 10 years, such as truck companies, diesel truck suppliers and others, will lobby for the prolongation of the program in Congress and the White House.


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