Trucking Companies Request to Use Truckers’ Hair for Illicit Substance Screenings

Trucking Companies Request to Use Truckers’ Hair for Illicit Substance Screenings

Knight Transportation, Werner Enterprises, J.B. Hunt Transport, Maverick Transportation, Schneider National Carriers and Dupre Logistics were the six big transportation companies that asked the FMSCA to let them utilize hair testing for truckers’ pre-employment screenings. These companies consider hair analysis a more complete and trustworthy basis to detect correctly controlled substance use.  

This exception would permit these transportation companies to utilize only hair testing for pre-employment CMVs screening and terminate urinalysis. In accordance to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, these companies are already using this hair testing method, although it’s voluntary considering that urine analysis is the only method authorized under the regulations.

If this exception is approved by the FMCSA, the trucker who presents a positive result for illegal substance in a hair test will have to complete a return to duty process before being allowed to perform any safety sensitive functions again. Furthermore, these positive testing results must be shared with any other potential employers.

OOIDA is against this methodology; considering it expensive and with several problems, such as not detecting the recent use of drugs, since it takes between 4 to 10 days for the hair, containing the drug, to grow from the scalp. And the urine analysis will still be necessary for detecting the most recent drug use. 


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