Truckers with IRS problems

Truckers with IRS problems

What are we to do when we have tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service? There are different types of problems related to taxes and everything will depend on the importance and how effective you are to solve and get rid of them. Otherwise, this could become an endless nightmare.

Among the most common tax problems that occur in the transportation industry, we find audits. These are given by different factors, but the main reason is because your preparer wrongly made your taxes.

Another tax problem that affects truckers are the tax reports that have not been reported to the IRS, in one or more years, causing a quite high tax debt.
In addition, there are those truckers who make their report on time every year but do not send the respective payments. And so, we can successively list the different ways that problems arise with the IRS.


Over the years, we have witnessed how the trucker community has been victimized by scammers, who offer representation services before the IRS, and charge high fees for their services. We see these characters in TV ads, radio ads, in the newspaper and truckers’ magazines.

Of course, the truck drivers are very busy driving through the country roads and do not have time to investigate, so from hearing or seeing these characters they decide to hire one of them.

After hearing that these people are going to solve all their problems with the IRS, truckers  decide to hire them and pay for the representation services. As time passes the situation with the IRS continues to get worse and then after some time these professionals disappear from the market and our truckers friends cheated.
Recently, some truckers have told us that they have experienced this type of case with certain tax representation offices such as Tax Clinic, Community Tax, and others. Watch out! Ask for references from your family members, friends, co-workers, or someone you know who have dealt with tax problems.

Another recommendation is to search for information on Google about someone with this type of profession. It is advisable to read the reviews that customers write about these professionals. Remember that your tranquility in relation to taxes depends on the choice of the professional that you choose to solve these problems.


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