Truckers who rent trucks for days will not have to use ELD devices

Truckers who rent trucks for days will not have to use ELD devices

This ELD exception was granted to TRALA regarding truck rentals for the short period of eight or less days. The drivers who rent these vehicles will still be subject to HOS regulations and will need to keep their paper logs of the current seven days and previous ones. While the truckers drive under the exception, they will have to carry with them a copy of the truck’s rental agreement and, also, a copy of the exception notice in case they need to show it to police or DOT inspectors.

In accordance with the FMSCA, if a trucker drives for more than eight days under this ELD exception he will infringe this exception and violate the use of an ELD. If the trucker substitutes a rental truck by another on periods of 8 days of rental, or has the intention to renovate the truck rental’s agreement for another 8 days, will also be an infraction.

The original request from TRALA to FMSCA was an exception of 30 days or less but the FMSCA considered this period of time needlessly long, because of the value of electronic logging devices to assure the precision of Hours of Service records. The Administration considers eight days or less of the exception enough time for the drivers to substitute or repair their own trucks. 


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