Truckers vs. Stimulants

Truckers vs. Stimulants

Working as a truck driver can be very demanding and the trucker’s body feels it by suffering with fatigue, but they still must continue to work. As a result, there are many truckers that consume lots of coffee or even pills to stay awake and comply with their schedules for loading and unloading cargo.

But this behavior should be avoided because the stimulants are damaging and the collateral effects for using them can be lethal. In accordance with the NIT (National Institute on Drug Abuse) they stimulant addictions. Even over the counter, prescription, illegal, herbal and regular stimulants, represent a great part of the overall addiction in the U.S.

Consuming this kind of drug are usually related to the need of feeling less fatigued as the stimulants accelerate the body’s processes, making the person to feel more alert in an artificial way. Of course, the use of these drugs do not compare with a proper night’s sleep and people who consume these stimulants become addicted and have sleep problems or to stay awake without using drugs.

Why truckers should avoid using stimulants:

  • They are very addictive
  • People who use it can develop:
    • a) Respiratory failure
    • b) Heart failure
    • a) Heart disease
  • Slowing down an accelerated metabolism by stimulants it is very difficult.
  • People can have an overdose with the majority of the stimulants
  • Stop taking stimulants can cause gain of weight
  • Long term effects such stroke and high blood pressure

How can truckers stay away from stimulants when fatigued?

  • Wetting your wrists and face with cold water at every truck stop.
  • Having many cups of coffee during your day could be considered a good option in short term, right? But it’s not. You should take one or two cup per day. The same thing for tea, which also contains caffeine.
  • Every time you stop your truck and you feel very tired take the chance to walk a little or doing another quick activity to help your brain to be awake.
  • Opt for natural measures, because several of the most popular and commercial stimulants are harmful to health.
  • Resting properly the night before going to the road will be a good remedy to stay alert and awake. If you are experiencing problems to stay awake or to sleep you should take a visit to your doctor and check if your problem is related to a medical condition.

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