Truckers, run away from foot cramps

Truckers, run away from foot cramps

Being a truck driver means dealing with different disorders, pains and problems that from back pains to headaches caused by the long period of time behind the wheel.  Foot cramps is one of the most common pains reported by the truckers. 

This discomfort is not harmful and does not represent any danger for truckers’ life but truckers can feel a lot of unexpected and heavy pains and just need stop and rest while they are on the road. Otherwise, this discomfort becomes a distraction and a big safety problem during driving hours.

To say goodbye to this inconvenient pain and cramps, truckers can:

• Drink lots of water. Always carry water bottles in your truck

• Choose the right shoes, especially those that fit properly and are comfortable

• Stop the truck.  It’s the safest decision you can take since driving with lots of pain is not a good idea.

• Massage your feet while you are flexing them. This will increase the blood circulation, muscles will relax and cramps will go away.

• A well balanced diet with plenty of vitamins, potassium and magnesium is perfect to avoid cramps since the lack of these elements are usually related to foot cramps. Always carry vitamin supplements and bananas in your truck.

• Every time you have a chance, make sure to do some stretching exercises on your calves and feet. Walk for a little bit during your truck stops, because moving your legs will enhance your blood circulation, fighting the long hours your spent in your driving position

 If after trying all the recommendations above your foot cramps don’t improve or go away, you should visit your doctor since this pain could be a symptom of some disease such as diabetes or cardiac problems.


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