Truckers: Look Out when you Receive Letters from the IRS!

Truckers: Look Out when you Receive Letters from the IRS!

The IRS usually sends letters by mail. They send millions of letters to taxpayers every year. Keep in mind the following points if you receive a letter or notice from the IRS:

• Do not ignore it. It is recommended you answer most IRS letters quickly.

• Read the letter carefully and follow the instructions. The letter will tell you what you need to do. Make sure you understand. The letter will also have contact information in case you have any questions.

• Focus on the points the IRS mentioned in their list, usually they indicate a specific topic regarding your tax return.

• If the IRS corrected your tax return, you should review the information provided and compare it with your tax return.

If you agree, you do not need to respond. You only have to pay if you owe something in taxes.

If you do not agree, it is important you answer. Do not expect to return home to do so because things can become more serious in that moment. Follow the instructions exactly as they appear in the letter. You can also call the IRS to resolve the issue. When you call you should have the letter and a copy of your tax return in hand. If you decide to write, be sure to include the necessary information and any document you want to be considered. Write your social security number. Mail your answer with a good explanation to the address indicated on the letter within 30 days.

• It is not necessary to go to the IRS. You can solve it with letters sent through the mail.
If you have any question, call the phone number in the upper right corner of the letter. Always keep a copy of your tax return.

• Keep a copy of the IRS letter with your tax records.

• Beware of scams. Do not fall into phone or email traps, even if they say that they are calling from the IRS or provide you with personal information. Do not be intimidated by emails with your IRS data used by fraudsters as a decoy. Generally, the IRS will contact you via mail. The IRS does not initiate communication with taxpayers by phone, email, text message, or social networks.

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