Back pains and discomfort are common and frequent for many truck drivers. Their work routines are the cause of it, which involveitting while driving for a long period of time, loading and lowering cargo and lack of physical exercise to strengthen their muscles.


The best way to prevent, reduce, and even avoid back pain is through an exercise routine and stretching. For that, you must separate and dedicate a few minutes of your day to repeat these exercises and you will notice immediate improvements in the frequency and intensity of your pains.


  1. Back inclinations - 5 repetitions

You should keep your legs slightly apart, support your hands at the back of your hips, then lean back, holding that position for 5 to 10 seconds. Then return to your starting position and repeat the movement for 4 more times.


These movements will help you to decompress your spine and the fluid accumulated in your back because you have been sitting and driving for many hours.


  1. Forward inclinations - 5 repetitions

You must breathe deeply, relax your arms next to your body and then incline forward. Your arms will go down while you incline. Hold that position for 5 and 10 seconds, then return to your starting position and repeat the movement 4 more times.

If you combine these movements with the back inclinations the exercise will be even more complete. This exercise will help you to increase the circulation of your legs as well as relax your hamstrings.

  1. Side inclinations - 5 repetitions

Keep your legs slightly apart and stretch your arms up, lean for one side and then for the other. Repeat the movements 5 times and each repetition should last between 5 and 10 seconds.


With this exercise you will help the muscles located along your torso lengthen and at the same time you will be stretching the muscle fibers of your outside hip.



  1. Stretching the neck

You should push your head with your hand and with the neck apply in the opposite direction, but the head should be kept in the same position, without moving. You have to find the balance between the strength you do with the arm and the neck so there is no displacement of the head. There are 5 repetitions with each arm; each one must last between 5 to 10 seconds.


These movements are perfect for stretching the muscles of the neck and also the shoulders, helping to relieve the tension accumulated in this area, which is often are affected after many hours of driving and thus that will strengthen your neck.


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