Everyone is aware of the dependency we have on our phones today. We reached the point where we would prefer to forget to kiss our partner instead of forgetting our cell phone somewhere. The University of Missouri completed a study with a group of social network users and found the couples that have a high usage of Facebook have more marital conflicts. In the case of truckers, these problems are more frequent because they are away from their home for several days, and in some cases, even for weeks. Issues start when the wife or the husband sees their partner being very active on social networks, untying uncontrollable jealousy, infidelities, and divorces.

The social networking invention was something great as it can reunite many friends and families, but has also split others. On social networks and instant messaging services such as Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin, and Hangouts, many people share and exchange a lot of information and, sometimes, even uncensored data, which can lead to irremediable problems. Many couples, who had to make the terrible decision to divorce, blame social networks.

Those services are part of our daily life and in general, people have become dependent on these platforms. There are people that share many photos and comments about their personal life online, which as a consequence end up exposing the intimacy between couples. Therefore, this behavior continues to generate new studies to be able to understand human behavior and relation with those platforms.

What should we do so this technology does not interfere in our relationships? First of all, as truckers and professionals at the wheel, we have to set a good example by controlling our use of these platforms and avoiding daily use. And then, we should talk with our partners and our children throughout the day, so they can follow our plan and as well as generating valuable family interactive participation in conversations. ETM


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