Truckers crazy for Trucker Path Pro app

Truckers crazy for Trucker Path Pro app

Trucker Path is a completely free mobile app and has quickly become one of the most popular resources for truckers in the United States, giving detailed data to plan their trips and routes. The company is continuously making innovations on their tool to provide an optimized online marketplace for the transportation industry, making a carrier's work easier in the U.S. by increasing the number and productivity of transactions.  

Trucker Path Pro is a GPS and trip planning app that provides complete information on a map about truck stops; scales; fuel prices; rest areas; weather; restaurants; and more.  The app has received a new improvement as well; a new “chatbot” option named Trucker Path Bro was created to be use with Facebook or directly through the Facebook messenger app, increasing communications between truckers, and making their trip safer. Trucker Path Bro works by answering a trucker's inquiries through text message based on their location.  

To start using this new feature, carriers can go directly into the Facebook Messenger app and search for “Trucker Path Bro”, then select the option of sending a message to find information.  

Trucker Path Pro app is based on a crowdsourcing technology between truckers who help each other through the app providing real-time data from more than 27,000 locations on the National Highway System.

Truckers who want to start using the Trucker Path Pro app to plan their trips and be regularly updated by other reliable carriers can download the app directly on their Smartphone, which is available for Android and iOS platforms.  For further information about the product and company, visit Trucker Path Pro’s website:

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