Truckers can be unfaithful without even knowing it

Truckers can be unfaithful without even knowing it

Truckers, infidelity is no longer restricted to physical contact, such as kisses, hugs, caresses or sex with a person who isn’t your partner. Currently even a text message can be a way to cheat.

You could be unfaithful in 5 different ways and we’ll explain them so you can avoid problems when returning home after a long day on the road or even to warn other truckers.

1- Truckers physically being unfaithful - Although it is the obvious, since it involves physical contact and intimacy with someone who is not your partner, there are still people who pretend to not understand the limits between betraying physically. Any physical contact with sexual intent and desire towards another person should be considered betrayal.

2 - Truckers sexually fantasizing with another person – It’s normal to think or fantasize a little bit with a person that we consider attractive. But if this thought evolves and becomes an "innocent" action, such stopping at the same truck stop just to see the seller, who is nice but creates a little mutual attraction, then the fantasy can become more real and problems can arise. You will be giving place to something physical.

3- Trucker being emotionally unfaithful – This is nothing more than romantically thinking about another person. Although limits are somewhat blurred for some, if there are romantic feelings, like wanting to be together, kissing, dating, sharing your life with someone other than your partner is an infidelity. It is something emotional, but it can still be an infidelity and a disloyalty towards your partner. Especially if you do things behind your partner's back, like secretly meeting that other person.

 4- Truckers having expenses in secrecy – Hiding economic transactions from the partner, especially if these expenses affect the relationship, is a form of infidelity. No matter the reasons, whether professional or personal, the need to hide expenses can hide much more than the expense itself.

 5- Truckers performing suspicious activities on social networks - This type of infidelity has been growing in recent years, since one can be unfaithful with their smartphone and without moving from the couch. It is related to the intention of interactions with other people in social networks. If you intentionally dedicate more time to social networks than to your partner with hidden motives, such as writing to an ex, you are probably cheating them. Respect for the family is very important, seek for help if you identify yourself at any of these points.


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