Truckers, Avoid these 5 Behaviors in Bed

Truckers, Avoid these 5 Behaviors in Bed

Surely you're dying to spend a pleasant time with your partner after returning from the road. And the last thing you want is that your partner loses the passion in bed, right?

Then, pay attention to the following behaviors that can diminish the highest temperature under the sheets. These can make your partner completely forget about the desire for intimacy, even after a long time being separated from each other.

  1. Having the head elsewhere during sex

We know that every trucker's day-to-day life is stressful and you'll probably bring home worries. But this intimate moment should be respected because otherwise it will have an influence on your performance. Your partner will notice your absence and disconnection during sex; and may feel offended and lose the interest in continuing the sexual intercourse. You must be present in every way, establish eye contact constantly.

  1. Being selfish and thinking only in your own pleasure

Sex is an act between two people, so forget about satisfying only your own needs and desires. Pay attention to your partner’s likes. Think of your partner enjoys, you will surely enjoy more and this moment will be prolonged.

  1. Becoming obsessed with the duration of sex

Sex, in real life, has nothing to do with porn movies. Sex does not have to last an exactly certain time. The best thing you can do is let yourself go for the moment, enjoy every caress, every pause, every moment of greater tension together with your partner. It is about communicating with your partner on a sexual level.

  1. Monotony and sexual routines

The lack of creativity in bed can cost you dearly in the future. Do not treat sex as a mechanical act in which you only want to release your sexual tension. Treat every sexual encounter as something unique, creating a sensual and seductive atmosphere before it begins.  And during sex, try to incorporate caresses or movements that you know that your partner likes as much as you.

  1. Believing that you are the only person who can take the initiative

Keep an open mind, so your partner can also take the initiative of a sexual encounter. You must pay attention your partner’s propositions, behavior and respond positively. Making your partner feel special and confident also generates sexual occasions, whenever your partner feels like it.


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