For many truckers who are trying to conciliate their working life with their sentimental one, it is a very difficult task because their job often requires many physical and emotional efforts. Then when it comes to dealing with their partners they are so tired they make mistakes. They say things they should not, argue, or ignore requests for attention. This can end a relationship or result in a divorce.

The separation does not mean the truck driver stopped loving his partner and wanted to stay away from her. It is just the opposite; he wants to recover the safe harbor he had in his relationship. But often his former partner is disappointed because this behavior has been repeated so many times she preferred to rebuild her life and forget this relationship.

When the relationship gets to that point it is very difficult for the trucker to recover his partner and, after trying different ways, he decides to follow the advice of others and apply the behavior of having "zero contact" with his former significant other, which basically consists of completely ignore that person. No phone calls, no messages, no contact through social networking, no meetings, or any information through other people.  

Some people adopt this behavior with a plan in mind. Ignore the former partner for a certain time and then make some kind of approach; attempt to talk and recover the relationship. Believing that the mere fact that not having contact with her will soften her and she will miss him, forget about the problems they had, and will simply want him back.

Others have no plan, but to avoid contact, believing some point the woman will try to contact him wanting to get back together.   

If the strategy of the truck driver is to decide to have zero contact with his former partner, is the illusion that she will reconsider and forgive him worth it? It  can be a serious mistake and he can lose her forever. This tactic can be very risky and can end making her want to stay away for good.

She can read this new behavior as disinterested or a lack of love; that he is a very prideful man and does not want to fight for her, or that he already forget her and really wanted this separation, which can motivate her to completely forget him and fall in love with someone else.

Truckers, think about the reasons that have caused your relationship to end and if you believe that there is any chance of recovering it, don´t ruin it with strategies. Try to fix it, maybe with the most conventional way, talking once again with your partner.


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