Truckers, are you protecting your skin?

Truckers, are you protecting your skin?

As a professional driver you need to protect your skin, because you are very exposed to the sun while driving, especially the driver’s side. Most signs of skin damages are like the ones that appear with the normal aging, such as facial wrinkles, skin thickening, blemished skin, etc. The difference is that they appear faster than aging. 

An important concern about sun exposure is that the UV rays can be very harmful and causes skin cancer. That’s why we would like to share some myths about UVB and UVA Rays and also give you some recommendations.


1. Is not possible to get a sunburn in the winter 

That is false, because the cooler air temperatures don´t reduce the UVA rays. Actually, the rays can be more intense if they reflect from the snow. 

2- Is not possible to get a sunburn during a cloudy day

That is also false, because up to 80% of the UV radiation can pass through a cloud cover. 

3- But under water I am protected against a sunburn

Not really, because the rays of the sun can get more intense under water. 

4- Is not necessary to use sunscreen under my clothes

That is false, because the sun protection provided by most of clothes is small or not sufficient. 


- Install UV window tinting will protect you from UV rays – Because windows with tinting will filter about 99 percent of the UVB and UVA rays, and help avoid skin damage. For some states windows tinting is prohibited, so you must use a tinting that has no color. 

- Use sunglasses with UV protection – Your eyes can be more fragile than you skin, so buy good sunglasses to protect them. 

- Wear sunscreen with a least 30 SPF – You should apply high quality sunscreen in your body every day. Try to apply it about between 15 and 30 minutes before get exposed to the sun. Remember to reapply it after 2 hours or if you went to swim or are sweating. 

- Wear clothes to cover your body – Opt to use long sleeves and also long pants and if you go outside put a hat. One type of protection that can be very helpful against sun damage can be wear sun-protective sleeve in your arms. 


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