Trucker friends, would you like to quit smoking?

Trucker friends, would you like to quit smoking?

Being a trucker already has effects on the health and smoking can only be more harmful. We congratulate you if you have decided to give up on this addiction. But if you do not know what steps you should take to quit smoking forever, we will recommend you some that can help you.

1- Start by establishing a quit plan
This step will help you be motivated, focused and confident regarding your decision to quit smoking. A quit plan works as a guideline to assist you during this process and there are many options for it, such as online programs, telephone or personal counseling and self-help guidelines.
You can examine the options and choose the most adequate quit plan according to your needs. Each trucker has different necessities, so what works for another trucker doesn’t mean that will perfectly work for you too. You can also create a customized quit plan via website, where you can define your quit date, your reasons, your triggers and cravings.

2- Keep yourself busy
Is a good method to not smoke in the day appointed for quitting; having your mind occupied will distract you from thinking in your cravings. The following activities could help while you in the road or back at home:

- Doing exercise and looking for activities at a truck stop or home
- Drinking plenty of water.
- Chewing some gum or lollipop.
- Hanging out with people, family and friends, who doesn’t smoke.
- Breathing deeply to relax.
- Maintaining your hands occupied with something like a pen.

3- Avoid thinking or seeing things that make you smoke
Don’t think in places, situations and people that can provoke in you the need to smoke. It’s very important to avoid these in the day you choose to quit smoking, some recommendations for that:

- Avoiding places where smoking is allowed.
- Getting rid of your lighters and cigarettes.
- Not consuming caffeine because it can make you feel anxious.
- Having rest and eating properly, otherwise you can feel fatigued and will want to smoke.
- Be surrounded by your non-smokers trucker friends.

4- Have a positive attitude
Quitting smoking isn’t easy and takes time, so it’s very important to maintain a positive attitude for being able to celebrate your achievements with realistic goals, such going every 24 hours without smoking.  

5- Request help
It’s not necessary to go through this process by your own. Share your plan and your quit day with your family and friends and let them know how exactly they can help you. Take advantage of this New Year to stop smoking.


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