In this article we will talk about truckers personal and genital hygiene. We often hear many rumors about how truckers neglect their personal hygiene, and criticism of anyone who has a carrier job such as a truck driver etc. is very common.
For anyone who wants to work in this profession, whether man or woman, their personal presence is very important. For a company that is requiring owners, operators and drivers, first impressions are very important, so keeping up good personal hygiene will open many doors for you and say a lot about your character.

Our next topic is genital hygiene. Every truck driver who is working hard in different areas on the map, either at a local or interstate level, and is forced to use public toilets (some dirtier than others), will be running the risk of becoming infected with fungi on their genitals.
As studies indicate, public toilets are often filled with bacteria and fungi, so it is recommended to bring disinfectant wipes to clean the area. However, we know that following this advice and taking that time is very difficult for a trucker, because we are always on the run.
As a truck driver, how often should I clean? The vast majority of men do not usually think about the hygiene of their genitals, but to avoid any infections we must maintain a daily genital hygiene routine. Poor hygiene can lead to fungi, bacteria and infections. Strong odors from the genital area often denote fungal infections.

Poor hygiene can lead to the development of infections and uncomfortable symptoms such as strong odors, itching or burning. On the other hand, excessive cleaning can also cause dryness of the genitals.

During the daily bath or shower, uncircumcised penises should be cleaned with a lot of water and neutral soap to prevent the accumulation of secretions. If any unusual secretion appears you should consult your doctor.
Before urinating after washing hands or when bathing, it is recommended not to dry your genitals with the same towel that you use for the rest of the body, but use another exclusively for this area and wash it afterwards. We must be also careful with the groin area and dry it well. After having sex with a woman during her period, wash your genitals after the act, because blood is a favorable environment for the growth of germs and infections, so it is best you avoid it. ETM


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