Trucker, do you eat healthy away from home

Trucker, do you eat healthy away from home

We know that the life of a trucker can be stressful, and sometimes they don’t have a lot of time to eat. The road doesn’t offer many healthy options, and even some don’t know how to identify a healthy food option. Consequently, they surrender to fast foods.

Therefore, we’ll give you some recommendations, so that you can eat as healthy as possible when you’re en route. Because eating out doesn’t have to be bad, if you make the right decisions and choose well you can eat healthy:

  1. During your journey, always carry water and drink constantly, so you will be much more hydrated, and your body will thank you. Remember that on the way there are markets to buy fruits and vegetables. There is no pretext, nowadays you can find everything with your GPS.
  2. Prepare and bring with you on your trip some healthy foods. Fruit is always a good choice as well as whole grain snacks. If you eat them in your breaks and you aren’t a long period of time without eating, when you arrive to the restaurants you won’t be starving and you won’t end up eating more than you should.
  3. At a restaurant, if you order a dish in which the protein is the main element, opt for side dishes such as vegetables or salad. Or request that the side dishes, that originally come with the dish, to be cooked in another way, such as changing the potatoes chips for boiled or baked potatoes.
  4. Avoid going to the buffets, so the temptation to fill your plate more than once will not occur. It is ideal to choose a dish from the restaurant menu.
  5. If you order a salad, don’t put dressings, sauces or vinaigrettes on it because you would be filling yourself with unnecessary calories.
  6. If you are going to order a protein meal, choose a healthy way of having it cooked. Protein that is roasted, grilled, or steamed is much healthier than something fried. Because this way the food is cooked using less fat and your body will assimilate more vitamins.
  7. You don’t have to add elements to your food, like ordering more cheese or more bacon, because you can end up turning your healthy food into a fatal combination of fats and calories.
  8. Have your meal with a tea and no sugar. Drink a lot of water; avoid juices, and   water and soda with sugar.

Don’t ruin your healthy food by ordering a calorie-filled dessert. If you fancy eating a dessert, opt ​​for healthy options such fresh fruits.


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