Nowadays, there are still only a few sex shops located in the US. Many men and women enter then leave abruptly, while others go in normally, like they were in a supermarket. These sexy stores, also known as “pleasure stores,” have great illumination as they are places where conversation about sex flows naturally, friendly, imaginative and shamelessly; turning sex into a pleasure without taboos.
Finding sexy stores on the road is very normal for truckers, many of who stop and buy a toy. Some stores actually offer parking places for the trucks; that way the drivers don’t have to worry about finding a place to park the truck while going in to shop.

It’s amazing that these shops exist and have a good, trained staff to answer any questions a customer may have. In other words, if the client does not know what to buy, the customer could explain to the staff what it is they are looking for and they will help them find the perfect toy.

Many of these places have the front of their store very private, as many truck drivers, men and women worry about being seen while parking their car or truck in the parking lot. However, this is slowly changing as people have been seen going inside sexy stores more often without fear or worry.

For most truckers, being ashamed while shopping in a sexy store is now history. Unlike sex shops in past years, the sexy stores today have counters where you can view the various sex toys. The sexy stores are full of light and colors on the counters; they don’t have the same environment or design as the old sex shops.

With these new stores, fun and imagination replaces the secret and sinful feelings every truck driver once felt. ‘Sexy store’ is a much better happier and livelier term, which is accepted in our society. When a trucker wants to plan an unforgettable encounter and create an outstanding night out, in these stores they can find different sensual sexy toys as well as flavored condoms (chocolate, mint and strawberry), edible thongs, very suggestive lingerie, massage oils, and dildos for all tastes. For the more daring truckers, these sexy stores also offer a section of erotic literature, where it is possible to find ancient books like “The Kamasutra.” ETM


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