We just started the year and we still have time to make good decisions for making this New Year better. For this reason, we encourage you to make the shift from being truck driver to an owner of your own company, as an owner-operator. When you become an owner-operator, you are not only buying your own business but also the freedom to decide what to do with it such as when to work, to whom, and when to plan your days off like holidays with family, etc.


Being a truck driver can sometimes be difficult; sometimes it is very complex to coordinate with the employer, since many of them apparently consider that you are also a machine. When truckers come to my office, I ask them why they want to become an owner-operator, and they give me very good reasons, but some say: "I want to buy a truck to work less". My immediate response is that they are wrong. It is better to not buy a truck because they are going to fail and we do not want to be accomplices of that.


The truth is that a parked truck does not generate money, but does the opposite. If you decide to become an owner-operator, you'll have to work as much or more than you do now, but this time you'll be doing it to bring more money home. The owner-operator must know how to work in this type of business by working harder in the summertime, when the weather conditions are favorable and the cargo prices are better. You must get prepared during that time so when winter comes around, when work usually decreases, you are not stressed. We recognize that being an owner-operator is not easy for it requires discipline and organization with the expenses. If you do so, then the success will be in your hands.


Another important factor to be successful as an operator-owner is to know how to choose which company to work with. Get informed; a good way is to ask the owner-operators who already work in the company of your interest. Ardwin Freight is one of the best companies in Southern California that offers you financing for buying a truck without a credit check.


Our company is integrated by owner-operators; we do not have a single truck company, with the purpose of making competition and distribution in a fair way. Here, at Ardwin Freight, we treat the owner-operator with respect which is something difficult to find in this industry. Call us at (800) 927-8153 for more detailed information about our purchase financing program and jobs that we can offer to you.


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