This Unsafe Behavior Continues to take more than 30,000 Lives Annually

This Unsafe Behavior Continues to take more than 30,000 Lives Annually

Dear truckers friends, you see many drivers with bad habits on the road daily, which oftentimes is the leading cause of most accidents. In California, these accidents annually kill more than three thousand people and, although the number of fatalities have declined, the number of fatal accidents is still very high. Most accidents can be avoided and is the direct result of our behavior while on the road.

According to the NHTSA agency and based on information from 2014 stating "certain trends continue to be rigidly constant" such as driving intoxicated; not wearing a seat belt; speeding; and other distractions. NHTSA calls these problems "Human Behavior Issues [that] contribute to road deaths." Lately the distraction involving the use of electronic devices while driving is increasing and contributes to approximately ten percent of fatal crashes. Intoxicated drivers contribute to about 31%, which is roughly 11,000 people. The problem with road accidents is increasingly alarming; in 2014 the police reported 6.1 million accidents having caused injuries to more than 2.3 million people across the country.

One of the California Senate’s responses was unanimously approving a new legislation that required the installation of an alcoholmeter in the vehicles of all offenders arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in California. Currently, the installation of the alcoholmeter is required in four counties including Los Angeles as a part of the pilot program.

The reality is that we, as drivers, sometimes act irresponsibly, such as driving when you are extremely tired; are distracted with a text message; answering a phone call phone; or drinking alcohol and driving, knowing that you could cause severe damage such as a fatality at any time. If you have been injured because of an irresponsible driver, call our offices: "The Defender of Truckers"   


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