The New Kenworth W900 2015

The New Kenworth W900 2015

Today we will do a run through a beauty the Kenworth W900, the radiance of the sun shines on its chrome. This truck provides comfort and convenience To begin the interior of the Kenworth has been designed for the convenience for those who are behind the wheel; offering  diamond upholstery, provides better performance, greater fuel efficiency, and allows the experts driving behind the wheel to rest and feel like home.

Scroll a Kenworth Studio Sleeper or a AeroCab Sleeper and note the perfect balance between work and pleasure. The flexible design is both convenient and productive. The interior details are creative and elegant. Everything is hand made with the same level of excellence that is used to build the rest on the Kenworth W900.

86 ” Studio AeroCab® / Diamond VIT:transporte y tecnologia-pic-2

  1. The models STUDIO SLEEPER y ARODYNE include VISTA WINDOWS which allow natural sunlight to enter.
  2. The Kenworth steering wheel with electrical controls SmartWheel puts eleven of the most frequently used controls at your finger tips such as: engine retarder, headlights, cruise control, blinking lights, and more.
  3. The electrical diagnosis screen Kenworth Highline shows the driver important real time information about the performance of the truck. The touch of a button will show even the second readings of the trip fuel’s economy, RPM optimal to maximize the fuel’s efficiency, and the systems diagnostics (in terms easy enough to understand).
  4. A liftable sofa bed which provides space for storing tools making life on the road easier.
  5. transporte y tecnologia-pic-3
    1. A high capacity refrigerator, of frontal loading, with a freezer that can be easily placed near the cabin or bed.
    2. CB Radio allowing easy handling.
    3. A console which allows for easy control of heating/ air conditioning, lighting and a connector for stereo headphones.
    4. A convenient place to file your log book.
    5. Lightning for the entire cabin

    The Kenworth W900 is truly a truck requirement for a truck driver in America and the whole world.

    Approach a dealer and reserve yours today…


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