The IRS is more Aggressive and Ready to Confiscate Everything

The IRS is more Aggressive and Ready to Confiscate Everything

Recently, the Internal Revenue Service has stepped up its threats against those taxpayers who have federal tax debts. Many truckers have this problem and this could have been caused by different reasons; some because they let the years pass and accumulate their taxes return, thus the tax amounts. Other truckers have debts because of family problems; either divorce or illness. What is clear is that anyone who has tax debt is living a nightmare.

The Internal Revenue Service is very threatening in their new method of sending a reminder for the collection of accumulated debt taxes. The LT11 letter notifies you that you have not been responding to the big amount of letters they have previously sent you about the taxes you owe and, if you do not pay as soon as possible, they could request a garnishment order or confiscate any of your properties.

In addition, the IRS mentions the type of properties that they can take away from you:

Your salary or other income, bank accounts, equipment or business machine, your car, your house, your retirement plan or even your social security pension. Not to mention that you can be imprisoned or even deported, in case you are only a legal resident.

It seems that Uncle Sam, through the Internal Revenue Service, is determined to make life more difficult to all taxpayers, especially the truckers, as it is one of the most vulnerable sectors for not having adequate information. The lack of information or, rather, misinformation circulating in this sector is responsible for the mistakes made by the truckers in their tax returns. Many drivers, in order to save some money on the tax preparation costs, seek out unscrupulous preparers. These are not professionals and they do not have the correct information to guide and inform their customers about the risks they are taking when they do not fill out a correct tax return.

We suggest all of our trucker friends should seek out good professional advice. Remember, there are many people that can do your taxes, but there are only a few who really know about taxes in this area. The Internal Revenue Service recommends that you verify any professional's certification that you plan on hiring at:  

For this or any other tax issue, you can contact Jagg Tax Solution, Inc. or Gustavo Nuñez, IRS Enrolled, at (909) 590-9307.


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