The Importance of Truck Shock Absorber Maintenance

The Importance of Truck Shock Absorber Maintenance

It is essential for every trucker to have their commercial vehicle in perfect mechanical condition, because truckers will spend a big part of their day on the road and need an efficient, safe and comfortable truck. For this reason, it is very important to have good shock absorber maintenance, because they consistently support the load weight, different type of roads, long hauls and even weather changes. All these elements together contribute to shock absorber wear, therefore, it is extremely necessary to do inspections.

Do you know what a shock absorbers duty is?

• Protect airbags and leaf spring.

• Monitor leaf spring movement. Its suspension system keeps the tire in contact with the road through the control of the leaf spring movement.

• Help to keep the wheels in steady contact with the road surface. Something that it is very important for the steering, maneuverability and cargo control safety.

• Provide extensions for the air suspensions.

• Convert movement into heat. The kinetic energy produced by the suspension movement is converted into thermal energy, which is dissipated through the hydraulic fluid.

• Reduce operating expenses. If the shock absorbers are working properly tire lifespan is extended and other truck components wear is reduced.


What are the consequences of shocks absorbers in bad condition?

  • May cause tires punctures and blowouts.
  • Higher difficulty in turning into curves.
  • Reduction of tire adhesion to the road.
  • Aquaplaning. This will affect the proper control of the vehicle.


Make sure that your mechanical workshop inspects your truck shocks absorbers condition before you travel:

1- Examine the front suspension, looking for damaged leaves and do the immediate replacement. Otherwise you can lose steering control and end up having an accident.

2- Verify the front and rear leaf spring.

3- Check axle’s reinforcements and cross members.

4- Ensure that shock absorbers are not clashing into the chassis.

5- Review welding beads to ensure that all suspension related parts are in perfect condition.

Remember that a safe truck means having a safe trip.


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